Frequently Asked Questions

What is your affiliation with my doctor? 

Serenity Billing & Provider Solutions, LLC offers clinics a variety of services. Our level of affiliation will vary by clinic and what services your doctor has chosen to receive.  We may be involved in billing from your initial visit, reaching out to obtain your information for billing before you're even seen. We may also only be involved in the final steps of billing, connecting with you if there is a balance, or if there are problems billing the insurance you provided.  

I have a balance with my doctor's office, how do I pay it?

Each clinic has different options for paying your balance.  Some offices require you pay in person or over the phone to their front desk. Some offices have software with a patient portal you can use to pay your balance. All payments are processed directly through or made to your doctor's office, even if we are offerings assistance in the process. Are you having trouble making a payment in your portal? You can contact us to see if we can help update credit cards or process payments in your account.