Medical Billing

                                                             Billing & Administrative Services Packages:

*Indicates availability for an additional cost

Support pricing 


Starting at  $500 

Billing Plus pricing


Starting at $ 1,000

VIP pricing


Starting at $1,500

Basic Billing

Don't need all the frills of an administrative service & billing package? Our Basic Billing might be what you're looking for! 

Schedule a consultation to receive a quote for monthly flat fee based on your needs

Basic billing includes: 

Claim submission

 Appeals & rejections

 EOB posting

Virtual card processing (from insurance)

Statements sent via electronic means 

Specialties we bill for:

Women's Health


Behavioral Health 


Physical Therapy 


We have experience billing and/or credentialing in: 

TN, IL, GA,  SD, DE, WI and NJ

We're always open to taking on new states and locations! 

Why flat rate pricing? 

The number 1 reason we implemented  a flat rate pricing structure is for clinicians. You have enough on your plate with patient care and running a business. Estimating a percent or hourly based service can be daunting and difficult to budget for. Flat rate allows you to pick the services you find most important and budget monthly for them. 

Number 2 is also for clinicians. Paying a flat fee allows you to scale your business without stressing about the added cost of percent based or hourly fees. Grow your patient load and not your administrative bills!

It helps us to be more efficient, and in turn contribute more energy to your clinic. It doesn't sound like a hindrance, but stopping to record each individual claim, or punch a time clock for every email, phone call, or small task, adds up quickly. With flat rate, we have the ability to focus more on clients and patients. 

More transparent pricing and wider variety of services. Charging a flat rate allows us to offer services such as: assisting with self pay accounts, or billing out of network claims. Out of network claims can be frustrating and confusing to manage. How to do you pay a biller a percent of an out of network claim? Self pay accounts are similar, there's no billing insurance involved. How do you justify paying someone a percent of a self pay visit to just help adjust small things occasionally? But, self pay and out of network claims are becoming more common. As much as software has evolved, even these simpler accounts often need auditing and adjustments. Our flat rate model allows for assistance with these accounts without the headache of additional costs.